Red Epic Dragon

The film from Alf Lie 1836 is filmed by Flash studio and Sindre Kinnerød!
In the spirit of Alf lie 1836, Flash studio has used the RED epic dragon camera, which allow us to have 4k quality on our video.

In the film Alf lie 1836 are showing the two models AL01Chrono tour billion and AL1000 classic tour billion. The strong DNA is shown in this film in a way that let us feel the great balance of power, beauty, elegance and quality.

This film take us through the history of Alf lie 1836 in a way that only music can describe, the sound of the anchor take us back to the times when the fjords of Norway was he main roads to the rest of the world. The bars on our watch never let us forget where we once came from, but still take us forward in our way of producing high quality watches.

As a private client of us you will always feel that every produced watch is a result of a long, strong and exclusive customized process.